We scan on an Epson 1680 Pro scanning bed. The scans are of excellent quality and perfect for high resolution ink jet printing. True to Epson quality, the 1680 Pro delivers enhanced color, subtle highlights, and sharp shadow detail. The 1680 also offers the exclusive Color True II Imaging system and MatrixCCD technology which combines custom optics, and xenon lamp, Dunamic RangeControl and superior image processing.

Film Scans:
35mm Negatives
2 x 3 Transparency
4 x 5 Transparency
8 x 10 Transparency
Panoramic Transparency

Flat Bed Scans:
We scan flat art that is NO thicker than ½”. If there is a frame and matte on the artwork it is the clients responsibility to remove before scanning and put it back on after the scan is complete.

We save all scans as Tiff’s unless otherwise requested at time of order. They can be copied onto a CD or Zip Disk.

We will hold onto a copy of your scan for two weeks after your job is complete. After that time it is discarded, unless special arrangements have been made with us to store it. In addition we give you a copy for safe keeping. Of course, this is very important for fine art reproduction when a client will be continually ordering more copies of a color corrected image.
We offer pricing in three different turn around times: ASAP (4 to 8 hours); next day, and 3 day.