Epson 9600 (UltaChrome Pigmented Inks); Print width Up to 44 inches wide by however long.
Epson 9500 (Piezo Pigmented Inks) Print width Up to 44 inches wide by however long.
HP 3000 (Pigmented Thermal Inks) Print width Up to 54 inches wide by however long.


Most inks are waterproof because the majority of surfaces we print on have waterproof coatings to the surfaces. Many glossy surfaces cannot be guaranteed to be waterfast; so please ask when inquiring about a gloss surface.


We work in a Macintosh environment with an Onyx Postershop Rip. We can accept many PC based files depending on how they are formatted before we open them. Some files are universal and we will not have any problem opening or printing them. Always inquire if you think there could be a problem. The current design programs we work in the up to date versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Quark.


Traditional Surfaces:

- Matte Paper - White Polyester Film - Matte Vinyl (different thickness)
- Lustre Photobase - BackLit Film - Reinforced Nylon Banner Paper
- Gloss Photobase - Mylar - LoTak Vinyls


Art Papers:
Hahnemülhe German Etching Watercolor Paper, Hahnemülhe 100% Cotton White Rag, Ilford Textured Watercolor Papers, 17 Mil Matte Artist Canvas, 19 Mil Gloss Artist Canvas*

* Gloss Canvas needs 2 light coats of spray to keep it waterproof.

Georgette Polyester, Belgium Linen, Cotton Duck. Actually there is a large selection of fabrics; each with special limitations. Please inquire.


Foamboard, Gatorboard, Masonite, MDF, PVC, Clear Plexiglass, Steel, Velcro


Lustre, Clear, Matte, Dry Erase, Lexan

Note: We only quote cold laminate (pressure sensitive laminate). If you want hot laminate, we will have to check on pricing. It is our experience that hot laminate can have problems on inkjet prints. Over time hot laminate can also crack, turn yellow, and possibly loose its airtight seal.


Special cuts around life size people or other shapes that require cuts that aren’t squared off have to be priced individually. Pricing is based on a labor and intricacy of the cut.


We offer custom mattes and framing. If a clean architectural look without a traditional matte and frame is needed, we highly suggest black gaterboard with a black back frame that sits approximately 1 1/3” inside the back edge of the finished piece. It lays very flat against the wall instead of the traditional top outward slope of a framed picture.