What loss is the first thing a person grieves for when their home is destroyed by some catastrophe…the loss of their family photographs! Nothing can ever replace them.

Today’s technology can help you archive these photos and restore scratches, discoloration, liquid spills, and the beatings that comes with time.

Restore your treasured family photographs or retouch your current photos to perfection. We can remove stray hairs, blemishes, braces, double chins, eyeglass distortions & light reflection, lines around the eyes and forehead. We are the plastic surgeons of photographs. Much less dangerous to your health and a lot less expensive.

Sometimes it can get more complicated; like removing an object or person from a photograph; or perhaps you want to add someone to the photo; or maybe give your composition a new background. Today all this is possible.

Vignettes: See example: Sometimes when you don’t have a photo that puts people together that mean the most to you, we can bring them together in a vignette.

We archive these treasured memories for you on a CD; and at your request we can create copies of this CD for other family members so that you have greater insurance of never losing these irreplaceable photos.

With the wide variety of print services and the size of your print not being a problem to fulfill, you can have your treasured photo on a traditional photobase paper; or perhaps have it printed on an exquisite watercolor paper…maybe even artist canvas.

Please see the pages concerning scanning and print specifications for more detailed information concerning services, printer, inks, and surfaces used at fms digital.